Get Started with Videos

March 2024 |

Tap into one of the fastest growing marketing tools—and do it on a budget.

The use of video in marketing has skyrocketed in recent years—an estimated 91% of businesses use it today—and for good reason: Consumers rely on it. “In fact, 96% of buyers say video plays an important role in deciding whether to move forward with a purchase,” says Adam Christman, DVM, MBA, chief veterinary officer at dvm360 magazine.

Adds Eric Garcia, owner of Simply Done Tech Solutions: “Engaging pet owners through video is one of the best ways to build familiarity and trust.”

Christman and Garcia, along with another veterinary marketing expert—Caitlin DeWilde, DVM, share their top tips for using video to attract and retain clients:

Showcase the Everyday

“The potential to build trust through engaging video content is everywhere,” says Christman, who has more than 1 million followers on TikTok. “There may already be a thousand videos online showing nail trims and ear cleanings, but your clients are paying money to go to your hospital, and they want to see how you do those things.”

“Be sure to show the value of what you’re offering,” DeWilde adds. “For example, explain what’s different about your dental cleanings versus the teeth brushing they might get at the groomer.”

Display Diversity

“You don’t serve clients of all one race or age or sexual orientation or background, so make sure any video you create represents the diversity of the clientele you serve,” says Garcia. “The goal should be for people of all walks of life to be able to visualize themselves as a client at your practice.”

It’s equally important to show the diverse pet species you serve. “Cats and older pets are usually underrepresented,” he adds. “Make sure that your videos and photos feature young and old cats and dogs as well as any other species you treat.”

Make It Last

So, you’ve made a video and posted it to your favorite social media platform. Now what? “A lot of practices miss out on making the most of their video content,” Garcia says. “But the reality is you can reuse and recycle video in multiple ways across multiple platforms.”

DeWilde’s best advice for any type of video: Put it on your website. “I like to think of your website as the nucleus of your practice, where you can really gain trust when people come to seek information,” DeWilde says. “And while social media platforms may come and go (MySpace, anyone?), you are always in control of your website.”  

8 Ways to Get Started

The experts suggest these ideas for creating engaging video content:

  1. Hospital tour. Document the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the practice. Introduce your team.
  2. Announcements. Hired a new associate or team member? Offering a new service? Shout it out.
  3. Demonstrations. Detail home pet care with how-tos on grooming, checking for fleas and ticks, staying safe in extreme weather—the list is endless.
  4. Show your stuff. Think laser therapy, integrative modalities, dental cleanings and more.
  5. Pet’s point of view. Put a camera on a cat carrier or a GoPro on a dog for a unique perspective.
  6. Testimonials. Ask a few of your favorite clients to share what they love about your practice.
  7. Personal stories. One of the best ways to create a connection.
  8. Interviews. Talk to current clients, experts in the field, and owners of related businesses to drive interest in your practice.