Why to Hire Virtual Staff

June 2023 |

Online medical assistants save valuable time for your team.

Are you having difficulty hiring and retaining staff? Virtual medical assistants can tackle a range of tasks to free up your doctors and your support team. We asked PJ Meredith, chief operating officer of SaiberVet, for the details on this labor-saving option for your practice.

Q: How was SaiberVet created?
A: SaiberVet was developed in a veterinary practice by a veterinarian, Dr. Sree Reddy. He started the company to relieve the strain and burden on his own team members in his own practice. He saw the daily need for assistance for both his doctors and his support staff.

Q: What are the benefits of virtual medical assistants?
A: Doctors often spend hours at the end of every day completing their medical notes. With our virtual scribes, doctors are now leaving their shifts on time and having a better work-life balance. Doctors are also now able to see an average of four to five more patients per day. All the medical notes are completed during the exam by the virtual scribe, so no more staying late to complete paperwork.

With the help of the virtual receptionists, in-house staff members have more time to interact with the clients and patients in the hospital, without the stresses of unanswered calls or emails from clients.

Q: What types of training do they receive?
A: Our virtual medical assistants are all medical professionals trained in veterinary medicine, customer service, phone etiquette, office administrative tasks, triaging patients and live scribing.

Q: How do virtual medical assistants help with staff retention at veterinary practices?
A: Virtual medical assistants help relieve the stresses of everyday tasks, such as taking medical notes. The doctors and staff are a lot happier with the extra help and the ability to leave work on time. Work-life balance is improved, and doctor fatigue is significantly reduced.

Q: How does the hiring process work?
A: As you will be working with the same virtual assistant every day, you get to interview a few candidates virtually before making your decision. SaiberVet will email candidate profiles that include short video introductions and resumes.

Q: All virtual assistants are medical degree holders, MDs, RNs and DVMs, yet cost only $10 per hour. How do you keep that price so reasonable?
A: All of our virtual assistants are based in the Philippines. They are paid more by us than they would be in their chosen careers. During the pandemic a lot of them decided that they would prefer a work-from-home position to take care of their families and keep them safe.

For more information, visit SaiberVet.com.