Improve Your Practice Efficiency

May 2023 |

LifeLearn brings valuable client solutions to the table for PSIvet members.

Dr. David GoodnightCommunicating with clients and educating your team are top priorities for top-performing practices. That’s where LifeLearn Animal Health comes in. In March, PSIvet partnered with LifeLearn to provide PSIvet members access to LifeLearn’s industry-leading animal health education, communication and marketing solutions. 

Dr. David Goodnight, EVP of Business Development at LifeLearn, filled us in on this exciting new collaboration.

Q: What does LifeLearn bring to the table for PSIvet members?
A: LifeLearn brings PSIvet member practices a unique mix of animal health education, communication and marketing solutions including custom veterinary websites, client education resources, AI-powered veterinary medical search and digital marketing.

We understand how busy today’s practices are, so all of our solutions are designed with the end goal of improving practice efficiency. We’ve been in the industry for nearly 30 years, and by leveraging that expertise, we’ve been able to create the most advanced and veterinary-specific solutions to support practices.

Q: What are the benefits?
A: In addition to a special PSIvet member discount, LifeLearn provides PSIvet members benefits including improved practice efficiency, strengthened client relationships and time savings. Our solutions encompass all three pillars of education, communication and marketing because when combined, these more effectively strengthen client engagement and improve pet health outcomes.

To illustrate, our websites all include pet health content and resources to position your practice as the go-to source of trusted information for pet owners. Our education solutions integrate into practice websites and practice management systems to encourage client compliance while saving practices time. And our digital marketing solutions tell each practice’s unique story while keeping them top-of-mind for current and prospective clients.

Q: How do enhanced education and communication generate revenue and improve practice profitability?
A: Ultimately, having a more efficient practice allows you to see more patients and spend more quality time with patients, naturally creating a more profitable practice and a better educated client. The more educated a client is and the better the relationship between a client and a practice, the less likely the client is to leave a practice. Improving the client relationship through education and communication also leads to better compliance, increased appointments for re-checks, and greater case acceptance as clients understand the “why” behind recommendations.

Q: How can LifeLearn practice solutions help improve practice efficiency?
A: Our WebDVM custom veterinary websites are key here. Each website is completely custom designed based on a practice’s unique goals and optimized to improve practice efficiency. We also include a ClientEd subscription that integrates with the website to streamline the client education process. ClientEd is the industry’s largest client education resource library with over 2,100 articles including over 260 medication handouts and additional educator resources to support pet owner learning.

These days, having a solution like WebDVM with ClientEd is so critical. We’re seeing an uptick in legislation requiring pet owner education for dispensed pharmaceuticals in states like California and New York. Adopting a solution now not only improves efficiency but also prepares practices for when their state adopts similar legislation.

Q: What about in-clinic patient care?
A: LifeLearn has also created an AI-powered veterinary medical search tool, Sofie, that helps save time diagnosing and treating patients. Sofie searches over 40,000 pages of the best veterinary textbooks, journals, and conference proceedings to provide instant answers at the point of need.

In exciting news, our latest Sofie update added Vetcalculators so veterinary team members can now easily calculate drug dosages and access a wide range of other medical calculators (nutrition, toxicity, fluid therapy, etc.). These daily calculators empower technicians to better support and reduce the workload of veterinarians, which is essential for today’s practices.

For more information, visit LifeLearn.