Supplies at the Click of a Button

February 2023 |

Fast delivery and top customer service from Quill.

When supplies at your practice start to run low, Quill is on call to get products to you quickly and efficiently. We asked Samra Cejvan, the company’s Strategic Partnership Manager, to run us through all the benefits of Quill’s online ordering system and to fill us in on the “new Quill,” which is launching this month.

Q: What supplies and services does Quill offer for veterinary practices?
A: Quill delivers office, cleaning and general veterinary and medical supplies. Our motto is simple: Provide the best service possible for our customers while offering supplies that will help run a business smoothly and efficiently. That idea guides everything we do: fast shipping on the supplies you need; instant rewards and savings; and an accessible, award-winning customer service team that’s always happy to help.

Quill is also looking to expand the veterinary supplies portfolio in 2023, adding products like cat litter and litter pans, pet hair removal products, feeding bowls and more.

Q: What are the advantages of purchasing from Quill versus purchasing from local retailers or other online vendors?
A: Quill has a long history of fast delivery and excellent customer service. Newsweek has taken note of the latter, naming us America’s Best Customer Service brand in the office supplies category for three years running.

Another big advantage of Quill is our instant rewards. You can order from other suppliers and receive the supplies you pay for. But when you order from Quill, you also earn points to redeem instantly for savings and rewards like gift cards, coffee makers, and Smart TVs. We pride ourselves on giving customers more with every order.

Q: What is the “new Quill” coming in February 2023?
A: The new Quill is the old Quill evolved. It builds on who we’ve been and creates a more rewarding way to order supplies. One part of that was simplifying our site. We created a more focused and seamless shopping experience for our customers.

The other part was transitioning from coupons to “instant rewards.” Whereas before, customers could redeem coupons for savings and free gifts, now they earn points that can be redeemed instantly on the same order they’re earned, like a coupon. They can also save up their points for bigger rewards. The new Quill offers more ways to bring the best value to your business. 

Q: What kinds of savings can PSIvet members expect to receive?
A: With PSIvet custom discounts and by taking advantage of the dollar-off rewards, members can expect to save up to 20% of their total spend, averaging up to $1,000 in annual savings.

Q: Explain your membership levels.
A: PSIvet membership is simple. All practices enjoy the overall discounts up to 15% off and custom pricing on Quill brand copy paper. Compared to other Quill+ memberships that offer aggressive pricing only on the copy paper with quantity limits, the PSIvet membership offers more comprehensive savings on supplies that matter the most to veterinary practices—cleaning, medical, veterinary, office and ink/toner supplies—offering deeper annual savings.

Practices that meet the $7,000 annual spend qualify to have a dedicated account manager assigned as a main point of contact, who can provide additional custom pricing that is tailored specifically to an individual practice.

Q: What’s the overall outlook for paper and other supply costs—2023 vs. 2022?
A: Quill expects supply chain issues to improve in 2023 compared to 2021/2022. However, multiple industries still report fragility with raw materials, especially in office technology, causing inventory challenges. In addition, inflation continues to trigger vendor cost increases.

Quill is committed to optimization and to minimizing the impact on our customers. We are continuously looking to onboard new suppliers and keep our everyday pricing as stable as possible. For more information, click here to visit Quill.