Integrate Your Payment Processing

September 2022 |

Covetrus® Payment Processing is an integrated payment processing offering provided by Worldpay® from FIS. Covetrus Payment Processing seamlessly integrates into your existing practice management software (PIMS), including Avimark®, ImproMed®, and Pulse™, providing your clinic with a secure payment solution that reduces duplicate payment entry and human error. We asked Andrew McDonnell, Senior Director of Global Financial Services, to fill us in on the details.

Q: Why Covetrus Payment Processing?
A: Covetrus Payment Processing helps you decrease check-out inefficiency and increase staff productivity with full integration to your Covetrus PIMS or vOS software.

Did you know that the average veterinary practice processes at least 500 debit/credit card swipes per month? And if those 500 swipes are on a payment system that isn’t integrated with your practice management software, you can lose up to 25 hours of productivity time in reconciliation and dual data entry.

Covetrus Payment Processing integrates seamlessly with your PIMS software, which saves your staff time, simplifying end-of-day procedures by importing charges directly into the patient’s electronic file.

Q: What are the key benefits of using Covetrus Payment Processing?
A: Our integrated offering provided the following key benefits:

  • Seamlessly integrates with Avimark, Impromed, and Covetrus Pulse practice management software solutions
  • Optimizes check out and payment processes
  • Leverages office staff more efficiently
  • Improves business accounting controls
  • Reduces manual entry errors
  • Simplifies reporting and reconciliation
  • Helps ensure that all treatments are accurately recorded

Integrated payment processing shortens checkout time for each client by three to five minutes with these additional features:

  • Eliminates double data entry by securely storing card information for future use
  • Stores cards on file for easy wellness and payment plans
  • Skips manual payment processing for faster, safer swipes

Q: What are the estimated yearly savings?
A: Covetrus will provide you a custom quote for your practice based on annual processing volume. This allows us to offer you the most competitive rate possible for your practice. Annual savings will vary based on your current processing agreement and rates.

Q: How does Covetrus Payment Processing integrate into existing software and how long does that take?
A: Covetrus has developed direct integration with market leading point-of-sale payment devices. Our implementation team will help you set-up the integration live during a 60-minute phone call.

Q: Who do I contact to receive a rate quote and sign up?
A: Please reach out to your Covetrus Account Manager to learn more about Covetrus Payment Processing and to receive a custom rate analysis and quote.